Arts and Sciences Guidelines during COVID-19

Arts and Sciences Guidelines during COVID-19:

Phases 1-2: All A&S Faires will need to be conducted via virtual means only. Documentation can be submitted in normal format via pictures, electronic documents, slide shows, videos, etc…. Lets be flexible and creative here folks – as long as appropriate explanations and resources are included. Actual judging or commentary with entrants should be conducted via Zoom, Google Meets, etc… by pre-arranged schedule. It will be the responsibility of the Faire coordinators to gather and make available all documentation to the judges and to schedule judge/entrant commentary times. A 15 minute pre-judging judges meeting followed by a 45 minute time allotment for commentary with the entrant followed by a 15 minute judges wrap-up is suggested when scheduling.

Phases 3-5: As the Kingdom begins to reopen we will have to have some limitations on contact obviously and a few categories will need to have some major adjustments to happen in any form. We will abide by social distancing and participant numbers set forth by the Seneschal and Crown. Please understand that as the Kingdom Seneschal, Crown and participants work within the changing environment, these guidelines may be subject to change, so BE FLEXIBLE and patient with everyone involved.

General guidelines:

  1. First and foremost, until we know more about exactly how the virus is spread, I would encourage hands-free displays over traditional Faires. Until the CDC decides definitively this is not transmitted through surface contact, I am wary of encouraging anyone to handle items in any way. IF contact needs to happen to adequately judge an item, hand sanitizer needs to be available in the room for use by the judges.
  2. On site displays need to have adequate space to place display items a minimum of 6 feet apart.
  3. All Faires will need to offer advanced registration for participants. NO at the door participation will be allowed due to the complexities of scheduling judging areas, display areas, etc….
  4. Documentation and detailed photos or brief video of entries or process will need to be submitted at least a week in advance. This will allow Faire coordinators to disseminate documentation to the judges in advance to allow limited in person, socially distanced group consultation at any actual Faire.
  5. Zoom meets between judges and entrants should be offered as an alternative if the entrant so desires.
  6. Food entries or entries where taste or smell are part of the judging process (soaps, perfumes, brewing and vintning, etc…) will need to be modified in format for the time being. No on site cooking entries should be allowed until all food restrictions have been lifted for events in general. With this being the case, entrants may choose to submit an annotated bibliography for their dish, a video of process along with regular documentation, or present an entry that focuses on thought process for redactions.
  1. On the body costuming will need to be done via video submission or photo documentation combined with a Zoom conference with the entrant for clarification or out in an open space where judges and entrants can maintain appropriate social distancing while masked. Entrants need to wear the costuming entry or have the person it was made for available for the Zoom Conference as well so judges can see the fit of the garment(s) and ask questions that may need close-ups for clarification.
  2. All Stella Nova entries will need to be done via video conference so that the novice entrant and their mentor can both be present together for judging and feedback.
  3. Final judging/feedback/conferencing between judges of any on site entries needs to be done as briefly as possible, with all participants an acceptable distance apart and wearing masks.
  4. Performing arts entries will need to be done via video submission or in an outdoor environment where appropriate social distancing can be maintained. NO performances that involve close interaction between large numbers of performers should be submitted until appropriate restrictions have been lifted by the Kingdom.

Questions or clarifications about these guidelines should be directed to the Kingdom A&S Officer, (Wuennemon die Naehrin) at