2020 Gulf Wars A&S Champions

2020 Gulf Wars A&S Champions


Our Champions:

YouTube: Wyrms of Water and Smoke: Viking-Age Pork Sausages by Rørik mac Lugdach

PDF: WyrmsofWaterandSmokedocumentationV2


YouTube: Drawing After Davinci: Studies in Silver point by Emelina le Norreys

PDF: Silverpoint-EmelinaLeNorreys


YouTube: “… Shape them like a Ciambelle” by THL AIslinge MacCuithein

PDF: Ciambelle


YouTube: A Banbi – Half-sleeved Jacket by Ouyang Yingzhao

PDF: BanbiGW


YouTube: The Cabinet of Nobility: A Discussion among Friends by Alexander Ravenscroft

PDF: The Cabinet of Nobility 2 Chapters