Guild Deputy

Baroness Aela Hundred Oars

Meridian Guild Requirements

Official Guilds of Meridies are groups of people that share a common interest in a special field or craft and are willing to promote it on a Kingdom level.

For a guild to be official in Meridies, it must meet these requirements:

  • It must have a charter.
  • It must have an official contact person listed in Popular Chivalry
  • The guild leader or a designated representative must attend the meeting of all Kingdom Guilds held at Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire.
  • Guilds are strongly encouraged to participate in official Artisans’ Rows.

If you are interested in forming a guild in Meridies, please follow the “Getting Started” guidelines found on page 17 of the Arts and Science Handbook.

The Guild Stewards (or their designated representatives if they cannot attend) will meet once a year, with the KMOAS and/or the Kingdom Deputy for Guilds, usually at either Fall Coronation or Spring Coronation. The Guild Stewards/Representatives shall be prepared to present a verbal report on guild activities over the course of the previous year. Written reports by the guild stewards are also required to be emailed to the Guild Deputy twice a year, on April 15 and October 15. Failure to send these reports will result in losing the privilege of contact information being listed on the Kingdom website and in Popular Chivalry.

Official Meridian Guilds

If the information for a particular guild is incorrect, please let the webminister know.

Bookbinders & Printers

Steward: THLady Symonne

Book Binders Charter

Company of St. Catherine (Fiber Arts)

The Worshipful Company of St. Catherine shall advance the art and practice of spinning and dyeing various fibers and/or the use of such fibers in the weaving and knitting of textiles within the Kingdom of Meridies. The Company and it’s membership exist to teach this craft, to spread comaraderie, inspiration, and information, and to aid in the judging and acknowledgement of those in these crafts.

Steward: Baroness Elison Sommerfield

Company of St. Catherine Charter


Steward: Mistress Ailleagan nas Seolta

Meridian Cooks Guild charter


The purpose of the Costumers Guild of Meridies shall be to advance the art of historical costuming throughout the Kingdom of Meridies. We are a group of costumers of all skill levels interested in research, documentation, design, and construction of clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance Periods. We address all articles of clothing worn on the body, from head to toe and from the skin out, as worn by men, women, and children in pre-17th century Europe and those cultures to which it had contact.

Steward: The Honorable Lady Eden Fuller of Redenhall

Mailing List:



In the Middle Ages, sight hounds were a category of dog bred to “sight” and chase down prey. However, in the Current Middle Ages, we do not use live prey, but rather a lure (usually a plastic shopping bag!) Simply put, we set up a circle of pulleys in a gently sloping circle and with the aid of an engine-driven coursing machine, run a continuous rope (aka line) with the attached plastic bag around the circle. The hound chases the bag, and what a fantastic spectacle to watch a dog run for the sheer joy of it. In Meridies, all healthy hounds are welcome to course, regardless of breed. SCA coursing is non-competitive. If you are interested in coursing, contact the guild to learn important information about regulations and guidelines, including age limits.

Steward: THL Catrin Skynith


Mailing List:

Courtesans of Meridies

The Courtesans of Meridies is a guild dedicated to the research and support of sex worker/courtesan personas in the Kingdom of Meridies. We are a growing community consisting of courtesan and patron personas, attachés, researchers, and various supporters. We focus on encouraging service at Meridian events, research and classes on topics of historical sexuality and the lives of courtesans, and contributions to the arts in the SCA.

Steward: TH Signora Justina di Silvestri 

Deputy: Lady Zoe Tagarina

Website: Courtesans of Meridies

Facebook Group: Courtesans of Meridies Community


The guild is dedicated to promoting historical embroidery within the time period of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Steward: THLady Inan bint Sufian


Mailing List:

Guild of St. Luke (Fine Arts)

The Guild shall be dedicated to the recreation of the Arts and Sciences of painting and drawing from before 1600, including but not limited to Europe and the Byzantine Empire. This would include encaustic (wax), egg tempera, and oil painting on panels, fresco, miniatures or other Fine Arts from the period; drawing in metal point, chalk, or ink, wood and copperplate prints; and any other Fine Arts demonstrated to have been practiced before 1600. Illuminated manuscript work is not included as it in under the aegis of the Guild of Scribes of Meridies.

Steward: Juliana de Florey


The Herbal Guild of Meridies is an open association of people interested in the uses of herbs in a medieval context within the Society for Creative Anachronisms. Interests of members include culinary herbs, medicinal plants, dye plants and both medieval gardening techniques and gardening within the Kingdom of Meridies.

Steward: Maestra Magdalena da Parma 


Mailing List:

Iron Workers

Steward: The Honorable Lord Stilicho

Mailing List:

Lace Makers / Arachne’s Web

Arachne’s Web is a guild dedicated to making lace, to teaching the several techniques of lacemaking, and to learning more about period lacework.

Steward: Baroness Leda



The Minstrels guild is for musicians in the Kingdom of Meridies, SCA, Inc. This guild includes the Meridies Dance Band, a group of musicians dedicted to providing live music for dance revels, and in particular for the White Rose Ball held at every Coronation.

Steward: Mistress Juliana Harper

Facebook Page: Minstrels’ Guild of Meridies


The purpose of the Guild shall be to promote the learning and teaching of Medieval, Renaissance, Ethnic, and SCA dances throughout the Kingdom of Meridies.

Steward: Lady Katerina Ravenshaw


Mailing List:


Focused on Period and SCA calligraphy, illumination, manuscripts, and related topics & technology

Steward: THLord Thomas Palmer

Mailing List:

Interest Groups

Bards and Poets/Company of St. Cecilia: no contact information at present

Brewing and Vintning: THLord Sebastian of Iron Mountain

Iron Bow: The IronBow is an archery Guild within the SCA Kingdom of Meridies. The purpose of the Guild shall be to promote the learning and teaching of SCA Archery, both combat and live weaponry, throughout the Kingdom of Meridies. THL Moreg Cochrane
Mailing List:

Textile Arts Construction interest Group:



Pottery and Ceramics: