A&S History

Kingdom Arts and Science Faire – A Bit of History

In the years past, the groups of Meridies used to compete for the honor of being known as the Patron of the Arts, and individuals could compete for the honor of being the Champion of Kingdom Arts and Sciences. The Patron was determined by adding the total score points of the entrants from each SCA group and dividing it by the number of entries. An SCA group was required to have a minimum of 5 entrants and 10 entries in order to be eligible. While this was a worthy tradition, it was often very difficult to administer, especially in a timely factor. Many different solutions were tried with varying degrees of success. Reluctantly, it was finally decided to omit this aspect from the Faire altogether. The Champion was chosen from entrants who submitted a minimum of three entries, with the scores of the three averaged. This tradition was discontinued in 2008.
However, the Meridian Arts Webpage wishes to honor the accomplishments of the past.

Year Champion of Kingdom Arts and Sciences

2007 Myrgjol Gunnvaldsdottir
2006 Lord Rhydderch of Caerleon, now Master
2005 THL Gareth of Gwynedd, now Master
2004 THL Falko von der Weser
2003 THL Rebeccah with the Greyhound, now Mistress
2002 Catriona Caora dubh (“Blacksheep”)
2001 Baroness Margery of Crosgate, OL
2000 Lord Damiano Elie Bellini, now Master Damiano
1999 Lady Jehanne du May, now Mistress Jehanne
1998 HL Winalee Mareshall , now Mistress Winalee
1997 Mistress Ceridwen du Potier
1996 Lord Gwalchmai Blackhawk
1995 Lady Elizabeth of Ashley
1994 Magistra Rosemounde of Mercia
1993 Earl Brian MacBrand, now Master
1992 1991 Master Johannes the Black of the Athanor
There was a tie in 1987 between…
Lady Eleanor of Ashley, now Mistress
Lady Arielle du Brabazon, now Mistress

Year Patron

2002 Barony of the South Downs
2001 Barony of Iron Mountain
2000 Barony of the South Downs
1999 Barony of the South Downs
1998 Barony of Grey Niche
1997 Barony of Iron Mountain
1996 Barony of Thor’s Mountain
1995 Barony of Thor’s Mountain
1994 Barony of Thor’s Mountain