Kingdom A&S Faire Rules

The Kingdom Arts & Sciences Event will focus on two major activities occurring at the same time. One will be the Kingdom A&S Faire and the other will be the Kingdom A&S Open, both as defined below.

General Rules applicable to both the Faire and the Open.

  • The Faire will be closed to the populace and entrants for the 1st hour of judging, after which it will open to both entrants and the populace; however, the judging process is still confidential.
  • The Open will be open to entrants and populace for the full, scheduled time.
  • There will be no time limit on the age of an entry, although an item that shows wear or is dirty will not do as well as one that looks new.
  • A Faire entry cannot have been entered in a previous Meridian Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire. It may have been entered in previous local or Regional Faires.
  • An Open entry cannot have been entered in a previous Meridian Kingdom Arts & Sciences Regional Faire or KA&S Open. It may have been entered in previous local faires.
  • An entry from a previous KA&S Open may be entered into a later KA&S Faire.
  • Performance Arts categories are limited to 15 minutes, including introduction.
  • Live Arts entrants with marshal arts type activities or other special needs of any type should contact the Live Arts deputy prior to event.
  • If your display requires greater than average space (about 2 ft. square), contact the Faire organizer ahead of time.
  • All entries will be arranged by category (personal displays of multiple categories may be allowed in the Open on a case by case basis, but not the Faire).
  • Absentee entries will be accepted as long as a guardian is present to take care of the entry. Each entrant or guardian of an entry is responsible for that entry and must make sure that it is placed in the correct category and on the correct table.
  • Each entrant shall be allowed 2 entries per category, with a cap of 12 entries total. Participation in a group entry shall count toward the individual entry limit. Each participant in a group entry receives the score points that the entry receives.
  • Entries shall be judged on their own merit and not compared to any other entries.
  • Entrants may not judge in any category in which they have an entry.
  • All research and creative writing papers entered need to be sent to the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences no later than one-month before the Kingdom Arts & Sciences event for judging.
  • All entrants with consumable entries in both the Faire and the Open must include an ingredients list with their entry. In the case of Faire entries this can be included in the documentation package.
  • Entrants entering in Brewing, Vintning, or Cordials must be of legal drinking age per state law (in most states 21 years of age). For entries in the Open, the entrant, or a representative thereof, is required to stand with the entry at all times and is solely responsible for monitoring the appropriateness of sampling by the general populace. Sampling by the general populace of alcoholic entries in the Faire is not permitted.

Rules Specific to the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire

The Kingdom A&S Faire is a competition to determine the Kingdom A&S Champion.

  • Pre-registration is strongly encouraged to ensure that there are knowledgeable judges for every entry. Pre-registration is available on the Kingdom Web site and by postal mail. The Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences may accept non-pre-registered entries at his/her discretion on the day of the Faire.
  • Two (2) copies of written documentation must be provided for all entries according to the guidelines of the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Office. A single, complete copy of supplemental materials may be placed with the entry if 2 complete copies would be cost prohibitive (such as with color images).
  • If an entrant’s documentation is significantly more extensive than average they are highly encouraged to submit it by the Research Paper deadline to allow the judges additional time to review materials.
  • If the competitor chooses, he/she may stand with his/her entry after the hall is open to the populace, but only the Judges may initiate conversation. Nothing conveyed in conversation with judges (that is not also supported by the written documentation) can affect the scoring of an entry.
  • To compete for Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion, the competitor must enter at least three entries into the Faire that receive a score of 17 out of 20 or higher. If more than one entrant meets these criteria, all the scores of these entrants’ entries will be averaged together and the highest mean score will be declared the winner. If there is a tie, or if no competitor meets this requirement, the Laurels will confer and make several recommendations to the Crown. The final decision will rest with the Crown. There may not be a Champion declared each year.
  • Entries into Performing Arts, Culinary and Brewing & Vintning categories will be assigned a time for evaluation. Failure to be prepared at this time will result in no judging.

Rules Pertaining to Judging the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire

  • There will be a goal of 3 judges per entry. Judging will be by consensus on one judging sheet. Individual judges may request an additional judging sheet if they wish to make independent comments, but the score must be on the consensus sheet.
  • Judges will write a critique of each entry and each sign the entry sheet legibly. The entry sheet(s) will be returned to the entrants (or guardians for absentee entries) after judging and tabulation is complete.
  • If the judges have questions, they may enter into discussion with the competitor and provide immediate feedback. Information conveyed in these discussions cannot be used during the determination of the final score. The final score relies solely on the entry and documentation. However, the competitor can be informed how information provided verbally would have affected their score if it had been included in the documentation. This should provide the competitor with excellent opportunities to further refine their documentation.
  • The Brewing and Vintning A&S deputy (or their chosen representative) will act as steward for the B&V part of the competition.
  • Judges for Brewing, Vintning, or Cordials must be of legal drinking age per state law (in most states 21 years of age).
  • The judges have the discretion of moving an entry to another category if they feel it would do better. However, if the entrant already has two pieces in the other category, the entry will be sent back to the previous category to be judged or be disqualified.

Rules Specific to the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Open

The Kingdom A&S Open provides a venue for individuals who do not wish to participate in a formal competition and/or prefer to do minimal documentation.

  • Pre-registration for the Open is not required, but if your display requires larger than average amount of space it is encouraged.
  • Artisans are encouraged to stand with their entries.
  • A guided documentation form will be available to entrants on the Kingdom website and at sign up the day of the event. The extent to which the artisan completes the form is up to the individual artisan.
  • Artisans who choose to participate may compete for a “populace choice” award consisting of a standard “bead in cup” style polling with the award going to the project that receives the largest number of beads. Other “choice” awards may also be presented by special sponsoring groups or individuals.
  • If the artisans so desire, they may actually demonstrate their activity (within reason). If the activity is excessively loud, dirty or dangerous we may have to decline or come up with an alternate venue, outside of the display hall, if space allows.
  • Projects that are in-progress are allowed, but subject to the same restriction as all projects; namely a project can only be entered into the Open once, regardless of state of completion.
  • The Open includes the SCA Life category. This category provides an opportunity to display items that do not fit into other Faire categories. Items created to enrich the SCA experience utilizing period concepts or techniques with useful modern day application belong in this category.
  • Open entrants may choose to have written feedback on their entries and can indicate this by checking the appropriate box at the top of their entry form, which stays with the entry.