Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire: August 15, 2020

Greetings from Wuennemon die Naehrin, Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, Meridies.

I am excited to announce the first Virtual Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire happening on Saturday, August 15, 2020. We welcome all of the wonderful artisans of Meridies to dust off your A&S projects and documentation and enter the Faire! There are three levels of participation:

Level 1: Display only. Submit pictures of your project along with documentation or a bibliography to “hang” in the Gallery for all to see and enjoy.

Level 2: Display and commentary. Submit pictures and documentation for your project and schedule a time to talk with some fellow artisans about your project.

Level 3: Feedback and scoring. Submit your entry with documentation and schedule a time to talk with judges about your project. Your entry will be scored and you will receive a copy of the judges feedback and your scoring sheet. Novice entries are welcome! Documentation can be submitted in the traditional format or slide presentation, with video presentations if preferred. All judging will be done via Zoom in a face-to-face format.


August 1: Deadline to enter

August 5: Deadline to submit documentation, photos, videos, etc…..

Virtual KA&S Judges Sign-up form

Facebook Event

Arts and Sciences Guidelines during COVID-19