Midwinter Arts and Sciences 2005

This year Midwinter Arts and Sciences implemented an alternative format.

All artisans were encouraged to sit with their work so that the populace can meet the artisans and discuss art.

(Updated March 1, 2005)

Photographer's Note

: Several of the arts pictures that were taken at this event did not come out well. Some of it was operator error and some of it was a bad battery pack. I tried to recover as many pictures as possible but I have lost some. I apologize to the entrants because it was not my intention to leave anyone out. -Maestra Clare de Estepa

A Selection of Entries from Midwinter Arts and Sciences 2005

All Things Caffeine by The Honorable Lady Temair Carr

Caffeine and anything related to caffeine is the theme of Temair's display.

Horse Roman Barding by Lady Svana Mjobeina

The horse barding actually had several individually made pieces that formed the rigging shown here.

Metalwork by Lord Sigurd Ericcson

The spurs are typical of the European Continent around 1600. The hairpins are from London around 1400.

Legion of the Bear Scroll by Lady Aine ingen Comyn

This scroll is still a work in progress. It is a scroll designed for SCA usage.

Survey of Medieval Fishing Equipment 1450-1650 by Lord Rhydderch of Caerleon

The scope of this entry was extensive and detailed. Lord Rhydderch had examples of poles, hooks, lures, line configuration, and much more.

An Experiment in Hand-dipped Candles by Lord Andrew of Theodford.

Lord Andrew made two different candles. One used the standard candle-wicking used in modern candlemaking. The other used a homemade wick.

He was trying to compare the burn process and the care needed to maintain a wick that produced a good light source.

Carved Wood Boxes by Lady Thorkatla Mannasdottir

All Leather Persian Belt by Isa al-Herati

This young man researched and made his first arts and science project.

Photographer's Note: The detail on the leatherwork pattern was very clear. Unfortunately, the dark leather did not photograph well

Elizabethan Clothing by Lady Flannait ni hEighnigh

Selection of Elizabethan clothing. In addition to the dress, there were also hats and other information. The partlet was beaded and she was adding beds to the hem.

Medieval Woman's Sewing Basket and Bone Carving by Lady Ella du Soleil

Many intricate examples of bone-carving were included in this display.

A Grete Pye and A Song, Reis Glorios by Lady Magdalena Kaufmann

Madgalena also displayed examples of her costuming and would display the hand-stitched seem of the cotehardie shown on the right.

Guy's Hard Lemonade Mead by Lord Guy de peu Egypte

Lord Guy used a recipe for a period orange mead and adapted it to make a lemonade mead. Lord Guy made the change due to personal taste. He explained that any other variation from the recipe was to accomodate the basic change in flavor caused by the original substitution.

Seventy Century Viking Felt Pouch by Lady Meleri verch Adan

Pysansky Eggs by the Honorable Lady Rebecca with the Greyhound

In addition to displaying her eggs and other artwork, Rebecca taught the children how to make Pysanky eggs.

Performing Arts- Dance: Anello, Lo Spagnolletto, and Whirligig

Pictured Dancers: Lady Peryn Rose Whytehorse, Lord Rhydderch of Caerleon, Lord Andrew of Theodford, and Lady Rachel.

Lady Eorann and Katie of South Downs joined the ones pictured here for the Whirligig.

Iconography by the Honorable Lady Julia of the Flowers

Lady Julia had many examples of her artwork on display; however, most of the pictures were lost due to battery failure.

Packington's Pound by Lord John Luther

Lord John is sharing information about his entry with the audience.

Norse Phonetics by Lord Colm Dubh

Lord Colm wrote a paper evaluating the pronunciation of Norse phonetics.

Clare Household Strong Ale by Lord Artemis Ardrossane

This ale was brewed by Lord Aremis brewed this ale. Lord Artemis allowed his friend, Lord Rhydderch, to use some as a dye for making the fishing line used in his project.

Illumination by Mistresss Stephanie of Nethyrwode

Mistress Stephanie displayed a wide variety of the work that she was completed.

This is just one of the scrolls that were displayed.