General Information About Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire

The annual Meridian Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire usually occurs on the first weekend in June but will be held this year on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend in conjunction with Crown List(Sunday). The location of the event changes annually. Each year groups within Meridies submit event bids. The Crown and the Kingdom Officers decide which group is awarded the bid.

Kingdom A&S Faire Rules - A listing of the rules governing the Kingdom A&S Faire.

Categories - It is important that all participants, judges and entrants, are familiar with the established categories and their guidelines.

Judging Guidelines - All faire participants should be familiar with this document.

Guided Documentation - Templates to help you organize your documentation and make sure it is complete.

Judging Forms - Forms are available for viewing and download by both entrants and judges.

Entering A&S Faires - A Comparison of Levels - This is a helpful explanation of the expectations encountered at varying levels of competitions. It is helpful for any entrant, especially those who have never entered in KASF before.

Entering A&S Faires - Expectations of an Entry - This document gives detailed information about the general expectations of any entry. It discusses the entry, documentation, source evaluation, and presentation.

Faires and Competitions - What is the difference? - This guideline explains the difference between the formats that entrants may encounter within the Kingdom of Meridies.

Kingdom A&S History

2004 Survey of A&S demographics and opinions

Kingdom A&S Officer:
Mistress Adrianna Stothard