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These pages include information that will be helpful to local officers, entrants, and the populace in general. There is some repetition and cross-referencing in order to ease the fact finding process.


There are several Regional Faires coming up in the Spring, leading up to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire in May. Look for Iris Faire April 17-19, hosted by the Shire of Glaedenfeld. The Iris Faire is an Open faire that requires minimal documentation, and then there will be a Regional faire, which is subject to the same rules and guidelines as Kingdom Arts & Sciences. Then May 8-10, the Barony of Osprey will host the Athanor Faire and a Regional faire at Hit List, at Fort Gaines, AL, in the southern region of Meridies. All these Regional faires give our artisans great opportunities to bring their works and receive feedback in preparation for Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faire, May 22-24, Memorial Day weekend at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee (ArtSy/Crown).

There was such positive feedback about face-to-face judging from the entrants in our Stella Nova Faire, that we will begin implementing it at all of our Regionals and Kingdom A & S in the future. For those who register their entries prior to the faire, you will be guaranteed a scheduled time for your judging and face-to-face judging. We strongly recommend pre-registration of entries, because this helps us to ensure that there will be qualified judges for an entry's subject matter prior to the faire. It also enables us to have a set, scheduled time for each entry to be judged, thus eliminating the "waiting around" time that we sometimes have at faires. If you pre-register an entry and then find that you cannot finish your project or get it to the event, for whatever reason, there is absolutely no penalty for not entering it at the last moment. If you prefer your entry to be judged without being present, that is fine too. Just specify that on your preregistration. For those who don't preregister, you won't be guaranteed a scheduled judging time or face-to-face judging, but we'll strive to provide it for you as well if at all possible. Research papers are required to be submitted to me two weeks prior to any faire, in order to give judges adequate time to read and comment. Entrants who submitted papers will also have a judging period scheduled at the faire.

Please use this link for preregistration for any of the Regional faires and
Kingdom A & S faire. You will receive a verification email from me in return. Email research papers directly to me. If you have never entered a Regional faire before or experienced face-to-face judging, you may find the guidelines for documentation on this website, and any of the laurels of Meridies would be glad to provide guidance also. Just email me and I will point you to someone. I look forward to seeing you all soon


Mistress Dametta

Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences


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Kingdom A&S Officer:
Mistress Dametta of Arundel